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Why do we hate job interviews?

Every day I get brilliant clients who are extremely competent in their subject matter but who sometimes struggle to conduct good job interviews. You know what I think about that? Well, that’s perfectly normal! Classic job interviews are anything but HUMAN

It’s like going in front of a judge and waiting for the final verdict…How do we want to feel comfortable if our professional future depends on this 40 min. interview in the best of cases… How can we explain to the recruiter who doesn’t know us at all that we are the ideal person for the job in a few minutes?

In reality, this is neither simple nor trivial.

7 Tips for Successful Jb Interviews

1) To be Prepared

I will start with the preparation aspects. Job interviews are prepared consciously. First of all, you have to know the company: date of creation, founders, values, mission, international presence, products and strategy, but also the person you are talking to. Information on the internet is useful, but you have to go further. How can you do this? Look on LinkedIn to see who among your contacts works in this company and dare to send them a message. For those who do not dare at first, you do not lose anything. At worst, you gain a new contact. The risk is almost non-existent

2) Storytelling

To be able to convince and succeed in your interview, you must first of all be clear about yourself. Obviously, you are convinced, you know your story, but the way you tell it is not always convincing. I have many examples of this with my clients. Some of them block with a period of their life and this is felt during the interview, others have badly digested a past experience and the recruiter feels it too. Sometimes, the candidate does not have enough self-confidence and therefore, they sabotage themselves.

The result of all these examples is that the person you have in front of you, either the recruiter or your future manager, does not trust you 100% and there you have it…

3) Identify all our experiences related to the job

Job descriptions are not always clear or precise, it is essential to read the job description several times before applying. The job title also varies from company to company and, if I may say so, from fashion to fashion. Once you have identified the position and the company you are interested in, reflect for several days on all the past experiences that correspond to the job description and write them down. This is a process that takes several days, re-read the job description and understand the needs of the organisation. Ask yourself if you meet their needs and link this to your past experiences.

4) Inspire Trust

Once your storytelling is clear and punchy in relation to the job you are applying for, it is good, your interviewers will listen and consider you a good candidate for the job. You will feel this confidence and you will feel more at ease and with more energy. How many times have you found yourself exhausted after a 40 minute interview? You have tried so hard to connect with the other party and try to convince them of your abilities for the job that you end up exhausted.

With good preparation and attractive storytelling, you gain energy and convey confidence. The half marathon is over, congratulations!

5) It is not an Interview but a Relationship

The situation of a job interview makes us, for most mortals, uncomfortable. What if instead of seeing someone in front of us who is going to judge our skills and personality without knowing us, we see someone interesting with whom we would like to build a professional relationship? It’s a change of mindset, but I assure you it works! The recruiter may be tired or have a lot of interviews to do in a very short time. By having a more friendly approach with him, he will appreciate our meeting differently. Meeting someone is always an opportunity that should never be despised. We gain experience and network!

6) A Peer-to-Peer Relationship

You will feel much more comfortable and so will the person you are talking to if you feel on their level. We are all different and we all have a lot of useful and enriching experiences to share with others. The company offers you an interesting job in a position that suits you, what about you? What is your offer? 15 years of experience in luxury marketing? 20 years in the media? 10 years in logistics? 4 years of international experience? Entrepreneurial experience? Think about your offer before you are seduced by theirs.

7) Practice, practice, practice

Now you already know how to get started, the secret is practice, practice and practice. You need to know your strengths, your assets, your values, your personal and professional goals, the companies you like and those you like less, your storytelling, and practice your interviews with someone who can give you good feedback and who can also help you get to know your interviewers and understand their needs. Never stop improving.

We have helped many clients since our launch. This is our passion. We support our candidates from start to finish when they are tired, happy, frustrated or upset. We are always there to support them and improve their performance.

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